Best Trip Ever!

Recently my wife, Dena, and I had an opportunity to visit Buenos Aires for the very first time. I have been dancing for seven years and she has been dancing for five, so we figured the time was right. Everyone keeps asking about our trip, so I thought it would be a nice idea to create a little photo/video blog here. Enjoy!

We were guests of our good friend Joan Vitale and famous tanguero Carlos Stasi, and they gave us the inside view of Tango in Buenos Aires. I’ll be posting stories and videos of our trip.

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La Portena at Los Zucca with Orchestra


Private lesson with Carlos Stasi.

Carlos Gardel Theater Tango Show – where we met performer Carla Espinoza.


With our good friend Enrique Mora taking measurements for my very first tango suit from “tailor to the masters” Miguel Mancera.


Music Superstar Ariel Ardit performing at Cafe Vinilo and signing autographs for Dena and Carlos.


Special Asado with local milongueros…

Enrique Mora with Carla Bianchi at San Telmo Square.

See Enrique and Carla perform “El Simpatico” Juan D’Arienzo here! Members only!

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Portena at Zucco, astounding performances by World Salon Champion Gabriel Misse and Carla Espinoza.

The New York Times calls him the The ‘Baryshnikov of Tango.’

“Remembranzas” Osvaldo Pugliese

For two more INCREDIBLE performances, “No Hay Tierra Como La Mia” by Francisco Canaro and “El Flete” by Juan D’Arienzo, click here. (MEMBERS ONLY.)

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Awesome steak dinner at La Cabrera in Palermo with Carlos and Joan.


Julieta Questa and Rauli Choque – Salon Canning

“Quasi Nada” –  Jaun D’Arinezo

To see another outstanding performance – “Lejos de Buenos Aires” click here. (MEMBERS ONLY.)

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Special dinner honoring Gabriel Misse, with famous chef Gabriel Misse! “Tortellini in red sauce with tuna and olives.”

Second lesson with Carlos Stasi.



Checked in to Lina’s Tango Guest House.


Our friend Augustin Rojas with Sol Gabis Gómez competing at La National.

“Recuerdo” Osvaldo Pugliese

To see the other two dances, “Shusheta” Carlos di Sarli Orchestra and “No Me Extrana” Pedro Laurenz and to learn who won the contest, click here. (MEMBERS ONLY.)

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La Recoleta

Exploring Mercado in San Telmo.

La Veruta.

Back to the States!

All in all, this was the best introduction to Buenos Aires we could have hoped for. Everyone was so friendly and open and we learned a lot about Argentinian cuisine and culture. We can’t wait to go back! Thanks to all our friends in Argentina for their hospitality.


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