Carlos Stasi Coming to North Carolina in January!

Famous Milonguero Carlos Stasi coming to North Carolina in January.

Carlos Stasi is a teacher, event organizer, actor and tango historian.  His relationship with tango spans 20 years. In 2000, he opened Porteno y Bailarin, a milonga in Buenos Aires, known for hosting the finest orchestras and performers. This past September, after his role as a judge at the World Tango Championship Festival he was first to have the 2017 world champions perform at his milonga.

Carlos was a close friend of Carlos Gavito, who was a lead performer of the show “Forever Tango”. It is Stasi’s opinion that Gavito was the best dancer and instructor of his generation. They worked together on several shows. The milonguero style of Gavito is what Stasi continues to convey to his dancers, emphasizing the importance of the walk, the embrace and musicality of the tango. “We have to dance the silences,” says Carlos.

Carlos Stasi returns to the United States in December and will be offering private lessons in January. This is a rare opportunity to work with a true milonguero who is a part of Tango history. He is a master at providing good foundation habits and quick to counsel the advanced dancer. He quickly finds the little imperfections in your dance and shows you how adjusting them will make improvements in your embrace, walk, and musicality or with specific steps. He is a superb and compassionate teacher and speaks excellent English. Carlos is very happy to share his knowledge, experience and passion for tango, so contact him by email to book your private class from January 4th through the 11th in the Charlotte area or at the Queen City Tango Marathon from the 12th through the 15th.

To set up a lesson, contact him by email at

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