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Detlef & Melina in Newport News

December 6 @ 9:23 am EST


Melina Sedó and Detlef Engel from Germany, will be visiting Tangueria between February 9 and 11, teaching three workshops, 1 introductory class (2 hours) and 2 workshops (4 hours each) of tango in a close embrace.

Friday 7-9
Solo! Technique and Bodywork leaders and followers (2 hours)

Before we can dance with a partner, we need to prepare ourselves. In this class, we‘ll focus on relaxation and tension, our own axis, different concepts of walking, dissociation and pivoting. A perfect reset and start into a weekend of classes for all levels. No partner required.

Saturday 2-6:30
Rhythm it is! (4 hours)

In this class, we dig deep into the mysteries of tango-musicality. We will discover simple and more complex rhythmic variations, we will find the hidden habanera and we will use interesting step dynamics to music of different styles. If there is time, we will apply the musical variations in a simple movement. But the focus is on developing a feeling for the music without having to “struggle“ with technical difficulties. Musicality starts in your own mind and body!

Sunday 2-6:30
Tango Milonguero Nuevo! Linear and turned variations of the Ocho Cortado (4 hours)
We’ll show and then vary the traditional Ocho Cortado in a lot of interesting new ways. This will enhance your improvisational skills a lot and break up fixed patterns. In the second part of the class, we will develop turned movements out of the Ocho Cortado. These moves allow you to use little space to navigate on the dance floor and spice up your dance. Be prepared to leave your comfort zone in order to harmonize your dance with the music!
A fun and challenging class for all levels.

Cost for everything is $200, or by day (couple’s discounted prices):
Friday $40 ($70), Saturday or Sunday $80 ($140) , all workshops 2 hours
All Milongas are free.

FULL Workshop for a couple $250 through Monday, January 22.
This is best bargain for a couple, save $150 over individual pricing.

Friday 9-2: Welcome Milonga DJ: Melina Sedó
Saturday 9-2: Grand Milonga with Performance

Email: tango.nnva@gmail.com
Phone: 757-528-2040
Private Lessons: $100 for one person, $120 for a couple, per hour