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Forward and back ochos in parallel &cross system – Pre-Int.

March 30 @ 1:47 pm EDT

The pre-intermediate level presents the elements that are often considered ‘common sense’. Things that seem obvious to Advance dancers but took years for them to master. Secrets you supposed to know or somehow figure them out on your own. Those essential details that you need to know, practice and muscle memorize to incorporate into your Tango are introduced during PRE-INTERMEDIATE course.

Once you dance Tango for a bit you start realizing that Tango is an extremely rich language of non-verbal communication. And just as with any language – the more you learn, the more you know, the more interesting it becomes. It causes one little behavioral ‘curiosity’: if you ask any of the advanced students what level they are, they say proudly ‘intermediate’. In fact if you ask a teacher what level they consider themselves they would also often answer: ‘intermediate’. There is ALWAYS so much more to learn.

The PRE-Intermediate course was born to smoothen the transition between Beginner and Intermediate levels and introduce all the missing but necessary tidbits of information that are required at higher levels. You are ready for this level if you already know all elements taught in BEGINNER. Please make sure you read through Beginner syllabus to reconfirm with yourself that you know it all.

You can also take this course if the list of essentials provided below sounds like a foreign language to you. The pre-intermediate level consists on 3 series.

We will be starting series 2 on April 8th
at 11am. You can take the series in any order. It is important though that you do take them all.
Series 2 focuses on ochos. We will be learning about pivoting action, forward and back rotations – how to distinguish and how the execute the two of them.

This is the course that make all the difference in the world in your understanding about all the tango moves. Rotations, pivoting, spiral, isolation, decoupling and delay in movement are all the topics that even most advanced dancers work on and struggle with all the time. Take the time know to understand them to save yourself hours ad hours and trouble and troubles later.
Welcome to the secret world of Tango. The door are ajar.


March 30, 2023
1:47 pm EDT

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