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Intro to volcadas pre-advanced 8-weeks course

March 30 @ 1:11 pm EDT

Volcada is not a step, nor a combination! Volcada shall not be lead to the person that does not know the technique for it. No matter how strong you are, how well built, how often you go to the gym and how many pounds you can lift with one finger. Even if a as a leader believes that he/she can carry the weight of the Follower it is still not enough. The Follower needs to know how to carry her own weight in order to respond and sustain volcada position.

Volcada is a way of maintaining your shared axis by leveraging each other’s weight. Sounds like colgada? Very much so. The only difference is that instead of hanging out we are lining towards each other creating the shape of a tent (carpa).

During execution of Volcada, Leader takes the Follower off the axis and supports her weight by leveraging his own weight and not necessarily through his super hero muscles. The follower needs to keep her spine extended, with the free leg kept loose and relaxed so it can draw the shape on the floor, if…. If Leader leads it. The shape that leg draws on the floor and the direction in which that shape is being drawn, the timing and the recovery of axis are proposed by the Leader. The Follower needs to have great ability to sustain her line and isolate/dissociate the leg so the Volcadas become possible.

The will be an intro class, so we will work on the basic technique of getting into off axis position without hurting each other and using the leverage of each other’s weight. We will also learn fairly simple variation in volcada axis so you can start adding it to your dancing once you practice it enough time during class and practica.

Remember long, long, long time ago when you were a Beginner Follower and you’ve first seen That Step where the women falls softly into her partner’s arms and her leg miraculously swings in a beautiful perfect circle ending up in a perfect cross and perfect axis to flawlessly transition into the next step…. Now – you do it!

We will be mastering volcadas during 8 weeks of Sunday Pre-Advanced classes starting 04/08 at 12:30pm. You can pre-register here:

Pre-Advanced Tango Course is our most popular tango course meant for those who are ready to really dig into the technique and structure all Argentine Tango elements one by one, open to understand the mechanics of the movement and structure of the dance, practice the ability to read the direction, recreate beautiful lead every time and focus on musicality.

If you already going out to the Milongas but feel you vocabulary need some enrichment, that you are missing some information about technique, mechanics, and connection that makes it difficult for you to move forward to the next level of dancing – this is the course for you.

You can join any series at its beginning. If you miss the first 4 weeks please have a courtesy of taking private lesson or two to catch up with the rest of the group.

Pre-Advanced Class: SUNDAYS 12:30pm. Sign up NOW.


March 30, 2023
1:11 pm EDT

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