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Ladies Needed, Wednesday Tango Practice Night

November 28 @ 9:36 am UTC-8

Ladies Needed — “Wednesday Tango Practice Night” at Step By Step Studio @ The Stage in Anthem — every Wednesday 8 to 11 pm — a 3-Hour “Practica” (Tango Practice Session) — Step By Step Studio @ The Stage in Anthem — http://www.TangoInVegas.Com


Part of “The Tango Program @ Step By Step Studio @ The Stage in Anthem”

Guided & Hosted by Tango Veteran Paul Palmintere

COUPLES & SINGLES AT ALL LEVELS WELCOME (Beginners, Intermediates, & Advanced)


NOTE: My “Practica” Contains a Lot of Instruction & Assistance, and Is a 3-Hour Session




Contains Class Schedule, Information, Special Events, Photos from the Past, and More!




I Will Be Happy to Assist You with Any of Your Questions or Problems Regarding Tango, Milonga, & Vals. I “Work the Dance Floor” All Night Long to Help You, at Your Request, with Anything You Wish to Revisit: Basics & Fundamentals, Leading & Following, Dance Technique, and Reviewing Dance Steps at All Levels.


EVENT: “Wednesday Tango Practice Night” at Step By Step Studio @ The Stage in Anthem — an Authentic Argentine “Practica” (Tango Practice Session)

HOST & GUIDE: Paul Palmintere

DAY: Every Wednesday Night

TIME: 8 to 11 pm (a 3-Hour Session)

COST: $15 Cash, per Person (Volume Discount Tango Class Cards Now Available — See Below)

MUSIC: Traditional Music for Tango, Milonga, & Vals


LOCATION & DIRECTIONS: Step By Step Studio @ The Stage in Anthem

2510 Anthem Village Dr., ste. 150, Henderson, NV 89052 (Anthem Neighborhood)

A Beautiful & Modern Dance Facility in a Very Nice, Safe, & Upscale Area — In Anthem, in Nearby Henderson, Nevada — 12 Miles South of the Las Vegas Strip, and 4 Miles South of the 215 Freeway

Located between southern Eastern Avenue and Anthem Parkway, in Anthem in nearby Henderson, just past the point at which Anthem Pkwy. branches off from Eastern Ave.

From the 215 Fwy. take Eastern Ave. south about 4 miles: Go past Silverado Ranch, St. Rose, Coronado Center, Horizon Ridge, Sunridge Heights, and Summit Grove. Anthem Pkwy. will branch off to your left. Follow the signs & arrows that say “Anthem” and this becomes Anthem Pkwy. The next traffic light is Reunion Dr. Turn right on Reunion Dr. Turn right a 2nd time on Anthem Village Dr. (there is a CVS at this corner). Turn right a 3rd time into the first driveway on your right, and The Stage is far in the back, among a group of buildings that look like medical & law offices.


HOST & GUIDE: Paul Palmintere

PAUL PALMINTERE is a long-time Tango Veteran from Southern California, and is among the most highly qualified of tango instructors. He was a founder of the large Los Angeles Tango Community in 1986. He brings over 31 years of training & experience to this dance, and has been a major instructor since 1994. He has trained extensively with a great many of the famous instructors of Buenos Aires. A highly experienced & respected teacher, Paul is well-remembered for his pioneering classes throughout Southern California: Hollywood, Burbank, Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, Redlands, San Bernardino, Palm Springs, and now Las Vegas & Anthem in Henderson.

WEBSITE: wwwTangoInVegas.Com



I now offer a Volume Discount Tango Class Card, good for our entire Tango Program, including “Wednesday Tango Practice Night,” that will afford students a substantial discount: a 10-Class Tango Card for $150 (cash) or $160 (check). For inquiries and more information about Volume Discount Tango Class Cards, contact Paul Palmintere at TangoTutor@Cox.Net or (702) 463-1253.



Paul Palmintere
(702) 463-1253



Attending the “Practica” is the secret to getting good at Tango. This is a dance activity rather unique to the World of Tango.

A “Practica” is a practice session for Authentic Argentine Tango, Milonga, & Vals. It is not a dance class, nor a social dance party; rather, it is an informal session at a dance studio that allows students to review, practice, ask for help, exchange ideas with others, make mistakes, seek corrections, and generally explore the many variations & possibilities on any given theme in Tango, Milonga, and Vals. The lights are up, the music is low, and the dancing is start-and-stop. Usually there is a “guide,” host, or organizer present to help you, at your request, with things that you may need to work on: everything from leading & following and dance technique, to reviewing material that you have studied in the past.

I “work the dance floor” all night for you, to assist you, at your request, with anything you may want to work on in Tango, Milonga, or Vals: basics, fundamentals, exercises, dance technique, leading & following, music & timing, reviewing patterns, etc.

Attending the “Practica” on a regular, weekly basis is critical to mastering Tango. Students & dancers (and particularly men) can never truly achieve any level of proficiency unless they attend “Practicas” regularly every week.

“Tangueros” (Tango enthusiasts) in Las Vegas are simply not dancing tango enough, compared to their counterparts in other cities. So, I hope you will all add another dance evening to your Tango schedule, and reserve your Wednesday evenings for this important “practica.” Join the best Tango dancers in our Las Vegas Tango Community to establish Wednesday night as a new Tango tradition: “Wednesday Tango Practice Night at Step By Step Studio @ The Stage in Anthem.”