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Mardi Gras Milonga!

March 26, 2017 @ 8:30 pm - 10:30 pm UTC-4

Join the UF Argentine Tango Club for our Mardi Gras Milonga! There will be FREE FOOD, MUSIC, and DANCING! Our event will be held in the common room of Corry Village. This is a great chance to get to dance with other students and many members of the community, so come out and have a good time! The event is free for everyone! Help us by inviting your friends!

All levels of experience welcome, even if you’ve only been to the beginner classes! Non-tango dancers are also welcome to join us to socialize and watch.

WHAT TO WEAR: Bring a thick pair of socks to dance in. If you own a pair of salsa shoes or jazz/ballet flats, those work great too! Fancy shoes are not necessary!

PARKING: The Brown lot directly in front of Corry Village and the Green Zone on the street is restricted 24/7. Alternate parking locations will include Green decals in front of Baby Gator and the parking lots in front of the Law school (only a two-minute walk!).

– Try Snap: http://www.police.ufl.edu/community-services/student-nighttime-auxiliary-patrol-snap/%5D%5D
– Bus 20, 126, and 129
– Please post below if you need a ride/are willing to give a ride!

Want to learn tango? Come join the UF Argentine Tango Club for a free beginner tango class on SUNDAYS at 6:15PM in DANCE STUDIO A at the REITZ UNION! Feel free to join even if you’ve never danced tango before, there are teachers for whatever level you might be!

Please post below if you need a ride/are willing to give a ride!

General Milonga Etiquette:

1. Hygiene: Please shower, brush your teeth, and wear deodorant so you smell beautiful!

2. What to wear? Dressing up nice is encouraged. Maybe a skirts or dress for ladies and a button-down for men? Ladies, you are welcome to wear heels, but please bring a pair of socks in case the heels don’t quite work for you!

3. How to ask someone to dance? Cabaceo! Make and maintain eye contact with the person you want to dance with, and you’ll know it’s a yes when she smiles or nods. Don’t try to convince her to dance if she says no!

4. Music: Songs will be played in sets of three or four, separated by non-tango songs called cortinas (or ‘curtains’ in English). If you ask/accept a dance, you have to stay for the entire tanda because it’s very rude to stop dancing with your partner in the middle of it. Boys at the end of your tanda, it is very gentlemanly to walk her back to her chair!

5. Line of dance. Leads! To enter the floor make eye contact with the other lead and he’ll usually let you know that you can enter in front of him. Make sure you follow the line of dance counter-clockwise around the floor, and you do not run your partner into anyone/anything. Don’t pass other couples without asking!

6. No teaching on the dance floor and no blaming your partner for mistakes! Milongas are for funsies! If something absolutely needs to be taught and cannot wait till next week, feel free to practice in the hallway!

7. HAVE FUN! If you have any questions, come ask!