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Master Musicality Class by “La Juan D’arienzo” Orchestra

February 26, 2020 @ 12:45 am - 2:15 am UTC

Esquina Tango and the Center for American Music in the Sarah and Ernest Butler School of Music at the University of Texas present: Master Musicality class by “La Juan D’arienzo” Orchestra ~This class is open to both dancers and musicians~ Tickets: Advanced: $25 general $20 Esquina Member Full Time University Student: $10 At the door: $30 / $25 Esquina Member Tickets are limited so get them ASAP ;-)! ~ Don’t forget to get tickets for Grand Milonga for Friday Feb. 28th ~ https://bit.ly/3bzegKc Seats are limited!!! About the class: The goal of the workshop is to set up a bridge between musicians and dancers from the analysis and development of some basic and determined tools about the technical work of a Typical Tango Orchestra with the purpose of apply them to the dance and to get a better musical appreciation and superior understanding of the style and the gender. First Part: “Juan D’arienzo and his Typical Orchestra” Historical Tour about life and work of the founder of the most popular Tango Orchestra. Musical characteristics, Icons and musical evolution of Juan D’arienzo Orchestra through the time. Orchestra’s style development. Influence in Tango and society. Musical Settings. Second Part: “The Typical Orchestra” Morphology and functioning of “La Juan D’arienzo” Orchestra from inside. Instruments, characteristics and roles. Comparative particularities of Juan D’arienzo style: “Marcato”, “The 4th string”, “Variations”, Singers”. Solists’s rol and group of instruments in the orchestra. Musical language appreciation. • Comparative analysis of styles: D’arienzo – Pugliese – Di Sarli. Rhythmic particularities, compass and development of the styles on Tango classic. Part Three : Live milonga • Implementation of the above. Appreciation of what was developed in the workshop together with the music of La Juan D’arienzo. Practice on different styles. The workshop is oriented towards those who want a better understanding and development of the D’arienzo style from its history, structure and musical technique, the practical appreciation of the D’arienzo style and its technical comparison with other styles and to all those who want to know more depth from inside the Orchestra to this always current icon of Tango, Juan D’arienzo. This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department and the Center for American Music at the University of Texas.