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Practica musical w/Natalia & Agustin

January 30 @ 12:51 am EST

Are you prepared to change?

How flexible are you to change your dance intention, as the tango music did through the years?

This month our special guest hosts Natalia & Augustin are bringing their exciting musicality project to practical musical! The focus of this special edition will be on how the style of tango orquestas changed over the years and how we can express these different styles in our movement.

12 St. Marks Place, Studio 4F (RING BUZZER 4F)

We are asking for a $20 donation for this special edition in order to compensate our guest hosts.

Many of you may have already been captivated by the fascinating musicality videos that this couple have been posting on Facebook. Here is a bit more on Natalia & Agustin:

Together they have based their teaching methodology on the analysis of movement, creating a study of tango that starts from the deepest essence of movement and grows into the complexity and subjectivity of music interpretation.

Building upon each student’s knowledge of body awareness and connection and using simple and rational explanations and exercises, they have taught and guided hundreds of people to expand their body awareness and knowledge about dance, achieving fluid, authentic, harmonic, comfortable, and natural movements.

Their teaching methodology has astonished people from different countries such as Argentina, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Spain, France, Belgium, England, Runamia, Wales and U.S.A.

Contact Meg Farrell by PM for more info.

Let’s train our ears while we train our bodies!


January 30, 2023
12:51 am EST

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