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Tango In Depth

January 30 @ 12:37 am EST

“Tango In Depth” is six weeks of classes for experienced dancers with a commitment towards exploring beyond the surface of doing and learning steps.

We learn to be better learners before we can become skillful dancers in order to enjoy the infinite fun and intimate experience of partner dancing.

Our teacher for this series is Marcelo “El Chino” Gutierrez, who is one of the unique generation of tango professionals/ dancers that “came of age” in an era where tango came to a crossroads and renewed itself in the 2000’s.

Marcelo benefited both from being able to study with such old school masters as the Dinzels, Nito and Elba, the Rivarolas, Teresa Fernández (Todaro system) and Victor Arne; and from being part of the tango revolution that started with Gustavo Naveira and came to be known as Tango Nuevo.

What tango is today, in 2014, is a mix of these two: the old and the new; the old understood better thru the new; the new reaching back to the old for tradition; the old reaching forward to the new for inspiration; the old and the new intertwined and made stronger through these interactions and for mutual respect. The best tango professionals of today understand, dance and teach tango based on this dichotomy.

For the past 10 years he has worked on developing and perfecting the teaching system he has become so well known and respected for; a system focusing on stability, groundedness, comfort, natural body movement, core leading, organic leading and following..etc.

Join us !

$30 at door
$145 advance registration online with credit card or cash in person at Queer Tango Club’s Thursday practicas.


January 30, 2023
12:37 am EST

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