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From Dimitris Bronowski…


“Tango Tips of the Maestros.” Topics…

The difference between a good and a great dancer, From tense arms to a warm embrace, The hidden role of flexo-extension in dancing with musicality, A shortcut to dancing with more changes of dynamics, One thing most followers don’t get about the embrace, How to immediately adjust your dance when the music’s mood changes, What half the dancers don’t get about the giro: your problem might not be your technique, …and 70+ other topics

in the biggest collection of tango advice ever created in the history of tango, given directly by the maestros to you. On Kindle or Paperback



For some people, tango is just a social activity. No deeper meaning, no journey. Just a few steps, mixed and recycled.  This book is not for those people. This book is for those who look for meaning, connection, and awareness in tango; in one word: Tangofulness.

It is for those who know how it feels to be hugged and feel safe; for those who have experienced a few best-tanda-of-my-life moments and want more of them. Most importantly, it is for those who want to explore the origin of meaningful connection in tango, not as an intellectual process, but as a practical way to experience tangofulness more often and in greater intensity.

The profits from this book support the creation of the online platform Tango For Good. Tango for Good’s mission is to empower tango projects that use tango for alternative therapy, palliative care, trauma healing, and social inclusion.

From Carlos Stasi…

Introducing “Tango Expansion”

“When we explore the translations and examine the meaning behind the lyrics we become more in touch with the Argentine world at the various decades of tango’s existence. We gain a broader understanding of the world of the composers, writers/lyricists, musicians, singers, and orchestras and are better informed of the lasting body of work tango has given the world of music and dance.”

Once a week, Carlos and Joan explore Tango with a group of “passionistas” participating via a Zoom call. Each class is an interactive meeting with a different focus – perhaps a specific writer, or the language of Lunfardo, or a theme such as “Mothers,” “Alcohol,” or “Relationships.” Two or three classic Tango songs are chosen, listened to, then read in English by the participants. The translations are done by Carlos with help from Joan, who brings her American perspective to the lyrics, while Carlos shares his knowledge and lived experience of tango.

Since busy lives and worldwide time zones make it difficult for some to attend the classes, we have recorded each session and made them available to Tango passionistas everywhere. Now, anyone can listen and learn about tango and the culture and individuals who created it.

Sample Episodes…

01/28/2021 “Love Lost”

Love is a constant theme in tango. Italian immigrants were often very lonely, and they got into relationships that didn’t end well. Songs of that era included much bitterness and sarcasm.

Songs: Letra Traducida de Out Of Tears – The Rolling Stones, Lo que vos te merecés -1955, Música: Carlos Olmedo, Letra: Abel Aznar, Anoche – 1949, music: Armando Pontier, lyric: Catulo Castillo Moran, Y…no Le Erre – Lyric: Abel Mariano Aznar, Music: Carlos Olmedo (Childe Delmar Velázquez) Jose Basso


1/21/2021 “Relationships and Heartbreak”

Tango songs overflow with stories of heartbreak and rejection. She left him for money, or perhaps a better life.

Songs: Solo Se Quiere Una Vez (1930), music: Carlos Vicente Geroni Flores, lyrics: Claudio Frollo, Soy Un Arlequin (1929), music and lyrics: Enrique Santos Discepolo, Come dos Extranos (1940), music: Pedro Laurenz, lyrics: Jose Maria Contursi

Watch each video all at once, or as your schedule permits, over a 30-day period. The cost for each video is $15.

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From Ivica Anteski, “the Tango Mentor…”

Ivica says, “What I’ve learned early on is that the biggest problem with tango industry is that dancing is being taught as performing art or competing sport. The reality is that 99% of dancers are non-professionals who just want to hug and be hugged – to feel that magical state of flow on the dance floor.”

The Way of the Huggers is a 8 week tango online program that distills the best milonguero experiences in my decade long teaching career. My method has been proven and tested by more than 1,000 online and offline students.

It consists of actionable steps you can apply directly in your dancing – taking you where you are in your tango journey and building on that. It’s designed to help you quickly and permanently improve your dancing, create soft embrace and achieve better musicality.

Organized into 8 week by week classes, each consisting of 5 (or more) videos that will lead you to master different aspects of your dancing, The Way of the Huggers will show you exactly how to get passionate connection and great musicality.

How does it work?

Step #1. The lesson: The lessons consist of simple step-by-step video explanation and challenge. The point is for you to understand every step of the way to the aspect you’re learning. After that you have one week to practice with your partner. The lessons are very detailed and simple – but the pile up to create transformation in your dancing.

Step #2. The challenge: When you feel ready during the week you will send me a video with your progress – performing the task given to you in the challenge/homework video.

Step #3. The feedback: I will access your progress and give you feedback, with instruction what should you focus on in your further work.

Step #4 Progression: We will start all over again with the next week of the program all the way to the 8th week.

If you feel that you need that kind of teaching – then this program is for you.

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Submit your event or opportunity below, including on-line classes and training, blogs, and videos. There is no charge to participate.

Please share this to your Tango friends by encouraging them to visit